30 November 2013

New video, please subscribe to my youtube channel!

I am not going to double post my video's anymore on this blog. Please subscribe to my youtube channel. I just posted a new video to prepare for bitcoin correction and why I stay away from gold mining stocks.


  1. Hello MARC,

    are you leaving/quiting the EU-PP?

    Or just the position of 25% GOLD?


    1. Hi Frugal, I'm in the process to reduce my pp indeed, the funds will either go to Stocks in Cyprus, or Roland Vandamme Portfolio (gold/silver/mining stocks). I will likely keep some money in my PP as it is always nice to have some cash that keeps it's purchasing power, on the sideline. My goal now however is to have a portfolio consisting of different great speculations.

  2. MdM my friend :-) !

    you stopped to update PP in 2014?


  3. Hello ! How are you?

    I am focused in EUROPEAN PERMANENT PORTFOLIO, please give me advice regarding a PP 100% with ETF's?

    How do you search new or old ETF's to diversify your ETF's ?

    Thank you and best regards!



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