14 November 2013

Bitcoin Accelerating, Limits of the Permanent Portfolio and The Art of Investing

Why buying bitcoin today, eventhough price just went up a lot, makes good sense! (hint it's just getting started...) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHUPPYzzZrI

Here you can see how quickly bitcoin may rise to $5000 (by next year, end 2014!): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=322058.msg3464070#msg3464070


  1. Hello MARCCCC!

    Thank you for sharing your comments.

    You are a great communicator. How do you practice to speak 30 minutes non stop without any help?

    Another question, what would be the minimum % of capital that you recommend to have in bitcoin?

    Thank you and have a nice weekend :-)

  2. Hey Frugal :)

    I talk a lot out loud, to myself, so most of the things I say in the video I have thought and said before multiple times. Hence why it looks to come so easy. Thanks for the compliment! :)

    I would recommend minimum 5%. But note all the disclaimers here. It is forbidden to recommend any investment without having a government license. So it's just my opinion.

    I have invested 5%, it had grown to 8% and then I invested more to 10%. At the same time I had another 40% invested in gold/silver, and 50% in PP. Looking back I made a big mistake to invest only 5/10%, not because it went up since because it could well have gone down, but because I knew already at the time that the risk/reward for bitcoin was much better than gold/silver, so if I had applied the scientific proven Kelly method, I would have risked more in bitcoin and less in gold/silver.

    So I think minimum 5%, just because 1% is way too little to profit decently if you are right, and losing 5% if bitcoin were to fail can be recovered from quite easily.

    Good luck! :)

  3. Big Marc,

    what would be your plan, now, to entry ?

    Immediatly or wait a correction?

    Warmest regards!

    1. Courageous Frugal,

      I think this will go straight to $1500 and then correct hard to $500, only to go up again to $5000 by end 2014. I could be wrong, we will see. I think it's wise to buy half and keep half in cash to buy on a correction. But you may prefer different.

    2. Hi Marc,

      congrats for the performance !!!

      Not easy to get is in this uptrend...

  4. Hoe kan een "munt" die zo fluctueert nu toekomst hebben?
    Het ontleent zijn waarde aan wat iemand ervoor wil bieden.Waanzinnig!
    Geen enkele wereldspeler zal met zoiets willen handelen, veel te riskant.
    Men gelooft niet meer in fiatgeld , maar in zoiets wel... jongens,jongens!!!



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