04 June 2013

Why I raised my exposure to Gold & Silver in my Variable Portfolio

You can open another window with our Goldstar Portfolio as to follow more easily the past returns I'm talking about.

Note*: I made one error, I said all the printed money goes to the state and only benefits them. This is not true. The printed money that went to big banks actually benefits the bank but also benefits the savers because without it the bank and the savers would have lost a lot. So if you have large saving accounts you have benefited strongly from the printed money. You avoided a serious loss thanks to money being printed. Also although I support that Cyprus banks have not been bailed out, I do sympathise with the people that lost money :(

Note**: Actually I did not raise my exposure to gold in my Variable Portfolio compared to the end of 2012. In fact I have reduced it dramatically as you can see on the Goldstar Portfolio page. The explanation why I thought I had raised my exposure to gold is because in the first half of this year 2013 I had completely removed gold from my Variable Portfolio because bitcoin went up and I chose to let it grow, so I needed to sell something to keep my Variable Portfolio below 50% and my Permanent Portfolio at 50%, and I chose to liquidate the complete portfolio of Roland Vandamme/gold. Now I sold most of the bitcoins and actually took again a position in Roland Vandamme/gold, however still considerably less then I had at the end of last year 2012. I recently did double my silver position compared to what I have had for years.


  1. Why cutting the accounts above 100.000EUR was a correct measure?

    Savers should pay state errors?

  2. How is it a state error that bank lost money? Should state pay for savers errors?

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